Our Vision

Founded in 2012 and establishing its’ roots in the heart of Los Angeles is A.M.W. Talent Agency. A.M.W. Talent Agency has firmly established and accomplished itself as a strong business professional with a keen eye of promoting ethical business practices and a talent-oriented focused talent agency. This accomplishment allowed A.M.W. Talent Agency to be initiated into the exclusive SAG- AFTRA Franchised talent agency organization. On top of A.M.W. being a part of the SAG- AFTRA Franchised talent agency organization, A.M.W. Talent Agency is also a Full- Service Licensed talent agency and bonded. A.M.W. offers representation in all areas of the entertainment industry including, but limited to,  motion pictures, independent films, commercials, modeling, legitimate stage, radio broadcasting, television, speaker engagements, literary works, and many more.  A.M.W. Talent Agency aggressively pursues career growth for their talent(s) and excellent service for their client(s).

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