Simona Shyne

Simona Shyne’s acting debut in Los Angeles started as a Co-Lead in the movie “Slasherparty” which she finalized after appearing in an Influencer Short Film on Youtube called “Don’t Trust Strangers”. 

When she first moved out here she met her acting coach Ryan Glasgow which she is still seeing till today to become better at her art. 

Ambitious as she is she is not waiting for success to magically come her way but works hard to achieve her acting goals which is why she is currently polishing her own feature film script with Director Tony Villalobos. Besides that she is always making some smaller appearances in music videos. 

The daughter of Bulgarian Immigrants in Germany was born in Cologne and raised in Siegburg and left her home town by herself to pursue her big acting dream in Hollywood. Growing up bilingual is the reason for her being fluent in German, Bulgarian and later on also in French. 

Simona is absolutely excited to work on a challenging projects in the future and show that there is more than only great male parts. 

Hollie Sokol

Hollie graduated with her BFA in Acting from UC Santa Barbara’s intensive BFA Actors Training program, which is highly selective and maintains an exciting balance between rigorous classical training, exploration of new work, and individual artistic creation.

​Hollie also attended the British American Drama Academy in Oxford, England where she studied and performed Shakespearean excerpts and the work of contemporary British playwrights. Hollie has recently had the privilege of performing in the Hollywood Fringe Festival as well as Zombie Joe’s Underground Annual Urban Death Tour of Terror. She currently resides in Los Angeles and is pursuing a career in film, television and theater.

Shannon Cudd

Shannon is a Los Angeles based comedic actress. She has appeared on Unusual Suspects, My Crazy Sex, and Sex Sent Me to the Er.  She has appeared in commercials for numerous brands such as Blue Buffalo, Command 3M,  and Kitchen Aide.

Shannon has her B.A. in Theatre Performance from Chapman University.  She has trained in scene study and audition technique at Krater Studios and Annie Grindlay Studios. She has studied improv at UCB.  She continues to study audition technique and scene study with Saxon Trainor. She continues to study voice with Jill Goodsell.

Shannon is a bright and bubbly comedic Meg Ryan prototype.  She has recently appeared in campaigns for Sunday Riley and the Discovery Channel.  She has recently been originating exciting roles in new comedic works with New Voices Playwright Theatre.

When she is not acting Shannon is an avid reader, loves to travel, and spending time with her family.  Some favorite recent reads include The Book of Joy by Dalali Lama, Desmond Tutu, and Douglas Carlton Abrams and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith.  She will travel to Eastern Europe this year adding stamps from Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary to her passport.

Tyffanee Smith

Tyffanee Smith first started in The Business Modeling in NYC doing Runway and Print work.

She has since moved to L.A to Pursue Acting and has appeared in Television/Movies, such as “Ugly Betty”, “How i Met Your Mother”, “Iron Man”, and independent film “The Gold Rush Boogie”, Just to Name a Few.

Always Seeking New Roles and Projects, This Proven Starlet Has What It Takes to Take This Industry By Storm. Easy on the Eyes, Wtty, and Fun to Work With This girl Is “The Next Big Thing”.

Elle Van Schaik

Elle Van Schaik always dreamed of becoming a model but living in Dayton, Ohio she never thought it would be possible. Instead of giving up on her dreams, she decided to move to Los Angeles, two years ago, to pursue a career in modeling. Elle has since been modeling for two years and has worked with multiple brands in many different industries including: Cult Creed Activewear, ​Booty Booster, Royal Blunts, Mess Clothing, Yacht & Smith and Michi Bikinis. Elle has experience working in print, runway, e-commerce, social media advertisements and brand pages, and commercials.

Along with modeling Elle has experience working as a background actor in movies and shows including: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, West World, Dirty John, and Lucifer.

Elle’s recent projects include a social media commercial for Booty Max, a supplement and waist trainer company. She has recently worked with Odyssey to create holograms portraying multiple characters. Lastly, she’s also worked with multiple dating apps to create content for their soon to launch apps.

Elle is a former college basketball player for Ohio University and loves all sports. She enjoys fitness and is a certified personal trainer. She also loves traveling and new experiences.

Natalie Fisher

Since her childhood, Natalie Fisher has always felt a strong calling the world of entertainment. Throughout her youth, she would write hundreds of play; in which she would cast her sisters and friends. She even had her father build a stage in her backyard where her plays could be performed. This love only grew as she got older.

Throughout her career, Natalie has found herself in productions onstage, as well as behind the camera. She has grown up performing theatre, most notably staring in productions of Chicago and Harvey. Her on-camera work includes featured roles in the Brazilian soap opera Malhação: Pro Dia Nascer Feliz and the Amazon Prime show Shadows of Mystery. Furthermore, she has been in many commercials for companies such as Walt Disney Co. and Nervana Headphones.

In her free time, Natalie loves to learn. She has always had a deep love for science. She is currently in pursuit of neuroscience and behavioral science degrees. Furthermore, Natalie enjoys writing. She is very excited to advance in her career in the entertainment industry, and is eager to see what the future holds.


Margarita Monet, is a singer/model and an actor. Performing since a very early age, she has studied music, theater and ballet. Margarita is an accomplished pianist. She has competed and won awards in numerous piano competitions in Russia, Europe and the US.

Moving to Houston, she attended high School For The Performing and Visual Arts, for musical theater. After intense training she decided to pursue her career further and moved to New York after getting a scholarship to the New York University’s Tisch School Of The Arts. At NYU she majored in Theater at the Meisner studio and minored in Music. While living in New York, she acted in Off Broadway plays, independent short and feature films and sang with local bands at the city’s clubs.

Margarita moved to LA in 2010 and started working with producer in LA. While working on the songs, she met Dave Bates, and soon after they formed the rock band. Soon their music partnership created tremendous results and solidified the band that took up the new name, Edge Of Paradise. The band has released 3 radio charting albums, recently charted on Billboard and tour internationally.

Margarita has modeled/ worked as a brand ambassador for brands including Manic Panic, Mac Cosmetics, Shrine Of Hollywood, Zolnar futuristic clothing, 24 hour fitness, Telefunken microphones, 3D rockstars and many more.

Tesla Wolfe

Tesla Wolfe
A Seminole/Creek Native American girl from rough Oklahoma who came to LA to chase her dreams.
Dancer/Choreographer/Teacher for 5 years. Now working as a Model, Actress, Dancer in Los Angeles. Studies advanced acting with Ivana Chubbuck School of Acting

Anna Berezovskiy

Host, star, lead, Anna has done it all. She was to host of the Ventura Charter School

Podcast for 3 years running which was broadcasted to the entire school. Anna starred as Mary in the independent film Vika created by Sibilino Productions. Upon completion of the film, she was asked to star in another production by the same director Andres Di Bono. Agreeing, she also starred in The Curse of Youtube as the voice-of-reason character Isabel. In addition to film and voice-over, Anna has done her series of plays throughout the course of her life. Most recently she played the role of Lysander in Shelly Balmer’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Anna began training theatrically at the young age of 5 when she began taking classes at the Rubicon Theatre Company. As she got older, she advanced to more complex classes and took Brian McDonald’s 6 week acting intensive where she learned more on perfecting a cold read by bringing out her character’s true intentions. Anna also took Vikki Goggin’s commercial acting class which aided her on knowing what components make an impact in the audition room. More recently, Anna participated in Monica Huntington’s cold reading, scene study, improv class. During it, Anna had to work under limited time conditions to produce the best possible result of a script.

Anna is currently getting features in independent films. Her most recent short is The Curse of Youtube by Andres Di Bono in which she plays the leading role of Isabel. She portrays the virtuous character in a vulnerable setting, creating many sides to her portrayal. In addition to this recent project, Anna consistently creates her own stories and brings them to life through making and editing videos. Through this routine, she is able to get instant results from her audience and better understand what the modern viewer wants from a character. Anna’s

best-suited character type is a young girl who always perseveres, from the happy-go-lucky teen who simply wants to pursue her dreams, to the revolutionary who doesn’t back down and fights for what is right in the world.

One of Anna’s greatest passions in life is music. She has taken consistent singing lessons from Laura Covault and in more recent years with the co-founder of the Ojai Youth Opera, Julija Zonic. To add, when Anna was 12 years old she was gifted a guitar from a family friend and has been playing since then. In more recent years, Anna has taken on piano and currently writes her own songs on either instrument. As a freshman, she had taken on speech and won the fourth round of the Lion’s Club Speech contest. Anna’s greatest specialty is in accents, she fluently speaks Russian and is in the midst of learning Japanese making her able to pick up on dialects rapidly. She can speak with the following accents, Southern, Australian, French, British, and Russian. Anna looks forward towards bringing characters to life in the next Sundance film or any production that follows a story which the world needs to see.

Courtney Brown

Courtney Brown got her start at the age of 9 by way of voiceovers. Working for Fox,Nickelodeon, and then moving her way into a principle role in the radio staple, Adventures in Odyssey, she realized that she might have been onto to something. It wasn’t until she transitioned from radio to film ( playing a principle role in Soccer Mom, with Emily Osment) that she realized she might have been on to something…

She began studying with Chip Fields-Hurd in Los Angeles, learning the basics of theatre. From there, she added dance into her lessons- getting her body involved under the tutelage of Monica and Jasmine Guy. As she expanded into her early teens, she explored the technicalities of comedic scene study with Walter Pridgen. She currently practices intensive scene study with Alexia Robinson in Sherman Oaks, California.

Courtney is an avid off season traveler who has eaten her way through a plethora of countries. She loves to sing any folk or R&B classic and is exceptional at any pop culture trivia. She is always stricken by the beauty and wonder of Science Fiction, and has never lost her passion for playing dress up.

Alexandra Hensley

Alex is an actress with years of experience and many credits to her name. Her portrayal of Abigail Folger in American Horror Story: Cult of FX is her favorite recent role, though many wonderful projects are on the horizon.

   Fostering her love for music and performance, Alexandra trained at Elon University, achieving her BFA in Musical Theatre; this accompanies her degree from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts in Drama. After years of dramatic schooling at schools such as Michael Chekov’s studio in NY and Stuart Rogers scene study in LA, Alex refined her comedic skills by studying with the UCB Comedy, completing each corse in their improv curriculum.

   The most recent iterations of Alex’s work include her grounded performance as unfulfilled housewife, Alice, in the short film. “For Display Only”, her regular hosting of the whisky-lover’s go-to Youtube channel, SingleMaltTV, and her hilariously committed portrayals of everything from a militant art teacher to a 1940’s starlet in various sketches produced by The Fun Police sketch comedy channel. On top of all of these versatile roles, she currently has a top secret digital series in post production which features Alex as a butt-kicking, tactical-gear-sporting soldier. From vulnerable, to tough ,to uproariously funny, Alex’s skills run the gamut!

   Working from her home in LA, Alex lives with her husband, Andy, and two small dogs. She loves to play guitar and sing, especially when taking impromptu requests from friends at parties. Delighting in travel, Alex and Andy have ventured to beautiful countries like Iceland and Thailand, and they hope to discover many more incredible places together in the future.

   Alex looks forward to many more years of creating art and making meaningful connections in the entertainment industry and elsewhere; delighting in what a privilege it is to be given the opportunity to live in and grow through “the work”.

Anna Ross

Anna Ross is a Toronto-born, now LA-based actor, model, and dancer. Union affiliations include AEA and SAG-AFTRA. She received a degree as a Drama Specialist (Theatre Performance) at the University of Toronto in early 2011 and, throughout her years of dedication to her work, she has garnered significant experience in the realms of theatre, film & television, commercial acting, commercial/editorial modeling, and dance photography/videography.

Anna is a trained dancer in a broad variety of styles, including (but not limited to) ballet, jazz, swing, lyrical, contemporary, and Eastern fusion.

Anna has starred in plays, such as “New Talent” at the London Fringe Theatre Festival, Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival, and Hamilton Fringe Theatre Festival. The play received a five-star rating and Eye Weekly commends the cast’s “brilliant acting” and comments that “Ross heartbreakingly captures the frailty beneath her character’s veil of indifference”.

Anna has worked consistently in film and television projects since her debut as an actor. The first film in which Anna had a principal role, “Whatever That Is” (2009), was one of only thirteen films across Canada to be screened at the Toronto International Film Festival Student Showcase. She has also had major roles in “The Collapsed” (2011), “Corollary” (2013), “I Really Hate My Ex” (2015), “Those Among Us” (2015), “Chess and the Stranger” (2016), and that’s just to name a few.

Anna Ross can also be seen in televised episodes of Comedy Central’s “Kroll Show” (2013), “Casual” (2016), and “Motive to Murder” (2017), among others.

Anna’s previous modeling experience includes live appearances at Ace Gallery Beverly Hills & Balisi Fashions, on-camera appearances on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s “Dragons’ Den”, a fashion spread in “Bold Insight” magazine, as well as televised & print advertisements for “Rogers Wireless”, “Mattel Inc.”, “Pizza Nova” and “Staples Business Depot.”

Anna is committed to her training in dance, especially ballet. She has received a highly commended standing in Advanced Cecchetti Specimen Ballet from the National Ballet School of Canada. Anna has performed with Limitless Productions, Ismailova Theatre of Dance, and events sponsored by Sony Music & MTV. Anna also trains in singing and is an advanced piano player.

Bazma Najem

BAZMA was born on May 12, 2000, in the Middle East. She moved to the United States in 2012 at the age of 12. Bazma has learned English through singing and reading subtitles from movies.

Bazma got her start in writing on twitter in Arabic Language at the age of 12. she later began songwriting in English at the age of 15. She wrote multiple songs where she mixes the American with Arabic traditional beats.

At age 16, Bazma started her own recording and publishing company under her name to be able publish her own songs on digital store such as iTunes, She consider herself an independent unsigned artist until she finds a record label who is interested in her.

Her first original song was nominated to be the 2016 best pop song in the Akademia music award in Los Angles, California, it became a sound track in a short film, and got her the first place as singer/ songwriter at EXPO TALENT in Houston, Texas 2016. This motivated her to work harder than ever, she started to write more originals and distributed it on her YouTube channel on VEVO and other digital stores.

Bazma can sing in English and Arabic which make her a very unique artist. In 2018 she won best young pop artist in Atlanta hip hop awards.

Annber Breimon

Annber Breimon is a graduate of the University of Dubuque’s Fine and Performing Arts program with a concentration in Acting. Learning from the techniques of Stanislavski, Meisner and Chekhov created the foundation for her to portray the ambitious Lady Macbeth, the roller coaster that is Cathy in the Last Five Years, the benevolent beauty Belinda Blair in Noises Off, the opinionated Claire in Proof, the hyper-serious Matt in Matt and Ben, and finally the conflicted Nina in Antlia Pneumatica. She earned her BA in May of 2018 and is now living in Los Angeles.

Annber spent her summer teaching Improv and Acting for the Screen at The Scene Studio in Dubuque, IA. She also hosted a movie camp where she co-produced, wrote, directed and acted in a short film in one week. She enjoyed playing the camp counselor because she could use the quirky character as a great foundation for many improvised lines that made it into the final cut.

Originally from Wisconsin, Annber has that mid-western work ethic as well as a serious thing for cheese! She is a quirky individual with a laugh loud enough to quiet an entire room. Her red hair has always made her stand out and she is proud to be a Ginger. She enjoys traveling and learning about new cultures through their architecture and delicious food. She spends her free time hanging out with friends, working out, cooking, reading or watching TV. Although, she typically tries to keep herself busy because she can’t do “nothing” for too long.

She is eager to begin her professional career and looks forward to bringing her bubbly personality and infectious smile to roles like Jesse in New Girl, or a thrilling new Netflix Original Series.

Karis Bedey

Karis Bedey began her acting career in middle school, when she first attended a summer theatre intensive in her hometown in Montana. After going on to win acting competitions in high school at the state level, Karis was recruited by Emerson College to join their prestigious theatre conservatory program in Boston, Massachusetts.

Since graduating with her BFA and relocating to Los Angeles, Karis has had the privilege of working on various print shoots and independent films, including portraying a Hollywood starlet in a 1950’s-inspired video game trailer.

Karis is currently enrolled at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, practicing her craft with renowned teachers like Art Cohan and Michael Petted. In recent months, she also has studied improv with the Upright Citizens Brigade, and commercial and hosting (including teleprompter training) at Killian’s Workshop.

When she isn’t performing or training, Karis enjoys getting outside, hiking, swimming and skiing.  She also works as a personal stylist and fashion blogger and loves writing posts, taking pictures and partnering with companies.  Karis is passionate about her craft and looks forward to working with Netflix, Freeform or the Hallmark Movie Channel.

Mariam Ninoshvili

Playing various roles on stage made Mariam fall in love with drama at a young age. Although growing up she was put busy with learning languages such as Russian, while her parents made sure she focused on studying medicine. While in college, she decided to go back to her love of drama by performing in multiple theater productions. After taking a class for on-camera film, she fell in love all over again this time decided to go back to LA to pursue her dreams.

Although tough to break into an industry she knew nothing about, she decided to take some classes at UCB for a little extra push. Comedy came naturally to her, for she always made everyone laugh and so she still takes various classes there. At SMC she stumbled upon an acting workshop which drove her further into wanting to do more TV than theatre. Mariam decided to take an auditioning class, despite her lack of experience, she made the students gasp with her thrilling mock audition. Amy Lyndon provided some of the best techniques that she still uses now.

Mariam had many passions in life and she always felt grateful that dancing was one of those things that let her perform on stage. When she was really young she had a natural talent for singing and when one of her friends found out they convinced her to audition/play for a musical at their school, which despite having any singing lessons she did wonderfully. Eventually she was only allowed to practice sports like swimming, basketball, snowboarding, soccer, and volleyball instead.

When she wasn’t playing sports, you could find her writing away fantasies that streamed through her consciousness. She filled the creative in her heart with learning different skills like archery, horseback riding, mountain/road biking, and even poorly strumming on the guitar while she sang songs she wrote. Currently she is trying to get behind every camera she can, even if she has to write, direct, and produce it herself. Ultimately she knows one day she’ll get to work with all the amazing people that brought great stories into this world, and so she’s acquiring skills and taking classes to get pursue this live long dream.

Llennelle Gibson

Llenelle Gibson is a Los Angeles based actress and writer originally from a small town near Pittsburgh, PA. She has appeared on Private Sales, as Candi- a bubbly yet down to earth, high-end escort who hasn’t spoken to her family in years- on Amazon Prime. She has recently starred in a documentary by the same producers and directors, Sean and Taylor King, called Beg, Borrow and Steal which focuses on the film industry and independent film-making.

Growing up in her hometown, Llenelle developed her rhythm through years of drumline, gymnastics, cheerleading as well as taking voice and dance classes at the Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera. She furthered her training at Kent State University studying Musical Theatre Performance where she became versed in Chekhov Technique. While in college, Llenelle starred in a local musicians music video. Her move from live performance to the screen sparked an interest in performing beyond the stage. She became a member of the Cleveland Radio Players and recorded multiple radio plays which led her to book her very first commercial gig.

In Los Angeles Llenelle is studying long-form improvisation at the Upright Citizens’ Brigade. She wrote, directed, performed in, and produced the comedy ​Not Another Horror Story ​at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Currently she’s been busy with ​The Dandelion ​a short film that she wrote, acted in and produced.

Llenelle practices pilates and yoga to grow her sense of balance. She loves hiking and camping with friends across California. When all dice are rolling, she is a worthy board game opponent. Llenelle often changes perspective by getting behind the lens and the pen. She is a frequent photographer and writer of her own scripts. Llenelle Gibson is looking forward to a long varied career of making audiences laugh weekly on prime time TV comedies, or developing strong characters on streaming networks and film.

Nayo Howard

Nayo Howard is a Los Angeles based actress originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a United States Air Force veteran who moved to the “Golden State” in 2015 not long after serving four years abroad as a military officer. After moving to The City of Angels, Nayo booked her first role on a comical children’s pilot, Animal News with the Compliment Pig, where she is a quick-witted lawyer fighting for animal’s rights. She can also be found playing the soccer mom in the Amazon Key commercial-product release last October.

Nayo Howard honed her training through various local acting schools. She touched upon improvisation at The Groundlings, spent a year at Ivana Chubbuck Studios, and recently settled down at Playhouse West where she immersed herself in Sanford Meisner’s acting technique. In the interim, she attended workshops like Killian’s Adult Commercial class garnering other skills.

Recently, Nayo Howard wrapped up a web-series, SESSIONS, expected to be released on YouTube this November 2018. Nayo plays Taylor a young, troubled detective trying to recover her prestigious reputation and badge after risking everything to substance abuse. With her therapist there to guide her, Taylor tackles many modern day female issues.

Off-set and out of class, Nayo Howard enjoys spending her time outdoors. Often she can be found hiking trails with a book in her hand ready to be opened upon the first shaded-spot off the trail. Occasionally, she enjoys traveling having visited over 30 different countries and more than half of the United States. It was during her military service she lived in both Japan and Italy. In the winter, Nayo spends a couple of her weekends in the mountains snowboarding fresh powder. She likes to live a very active life-style from working out in the gym to scuba diving off the coast.

Meghan Aruffo

Meghan Aruffo’s acting experience started at a young age performing in Duxbury Massachusetts’s Snug Harbor Dinner Theater at the age of seven. She even appeared in a Nessen commercial that aired at the Boston Red Sox games. She ventured into Musical at the age of nine appearing in Oliver as one of Fagan’s boys. She also has professional training in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap and Pointe having performed in the Nutcracker Ballet as a party scene girl, mouse, rose petal, and Snow Princess. She also performed with the Academy Youth Dance Company. Meghan’s other musical performance roles include Ariel, the female lead in Footloose the Musical and lead Dorothy Brock in 42ndStreet. She traveled with competitive show choir winning several awards for her performances. She also sang the National Anthem at the Chicago Railcats games.  Meghan Performed with the prestigious Broadway Theater Project‘s Musical Review “Musicals Old and New” at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center in various roles.

Meghan Graduated at the University of Central Florida where her passion for performing was more focused on Television and Film. She worked on several student films at FullSail. Meghan Booked a Principal role of Aimee Dudley on Investigation Discoveries “Dead of Night” filmed in Jacksonville Florida. She also appeared in several Commercials including Mercedes Benz, T.J. Maxx, Taps from Scratch, GetBuzzed, Walt Disney World Resort, and Universal Studios Orlando Resort.

Meghan studied with Art Sake Acting Studio in Orlando Florida focusing on scene studies, auditioning on camera, Meisner, and received the Flight Award while studying under Yvonne Suhor. After college Meghan Moved from Florida to Los Angeles to take her career to the next level. She studied at Margie Haber acting studio’s fundamental Intensive on camera with Barbara Gannon. Meghan currently receives private coaching with Craig Wallace,Tim Powell, and Alan Pietruszewski to hone her acting skills.

            Meghan enjoys working out daily and living a healthy lifestyle. She loves to travel and always has her passport ready to go. She enjoys pending time with her Pomeranian, and loves getting lost in books. Some of her interesting skills include singing, having taken vocal lessons from Mary-Kay Wilson, actor Patrick Wilson’s mom. She also has traditional cheerleading experience, basic juggling, and is an excellent swimmer, having been a Lifeguard for Walt Disney World. Meghan is on the path to success and cannot wait to see where her story ends.“If a dogged work ethic and a fully formed identity can lead to opportunities that knock, then Meghan Aruffo might just be the new girl next door”(The Huffington Post).

Tierra Jones

Tierra Amira Jones was born on August 23rd in Washington, DC. Due to lack of good public education, she left DC at the age of 11 to attend a junior boarding school in New York.  There, Tierra flourished her love and skills in dance and acting. Her acting experience started as the role of Carion form The Never-Ending Story and Bagheera in The Jungle Book. Her dance experience began in tap dance, where her natural knack led her to join the advance students. She also continued training in Ballet, Hip-Hip-, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary and attended the Debbie Allen Dance Academy to further study Flamenco, Dunham, and African. Tierra then graduated to attend an all-girls boarding school she continued to further her progression while acting, dancing, and singing in HS production such as West Side Story, Chicago, and Guy and Dolls. Since she attended an all-girls school, Tierra often played male as well as female roles in the production.

After high school, Tierra attended the University of Oklahoma where she majored in International studies with a minor in Spanish. During college, she also got to live in Mexico for a semester. She also continued to dance and joined the Sooner Dance Company as a company member.

Immediately after her college graduation she travelled, for the 2ndtime, to the Cannes Film Festival where she worked with several Entertainment companies. A short month after the festival ended, Tierra moved to Los Angeles. Since moving she has been featured tv shows such as Showtime’s Shamelessplaying Biff’s Wife and on HBO’s Westworldas Dolores’s Horde. Tierra is also currently starring in two webseries, Life On Pauseas Dr. Henderson and The Story, and featured as a dancer in Mario’s Let Me Help You music video.

In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, whether it be on her motorcycle or jet setting across the world. In addition to living in Mexico, she has travelled to France, Italy, Dominican Republic, Hawaii, and Canada, just to name a few. And not only does Tierra have the travel bug, she is also musically inclined, as a trained guitarist.

Tierra is looking forward to furthering her career in television and film and starring along side the actors that inspire her most, Will Smith and Taraji B. Henson.

Carrie John

Carrie John’s acting experience started at the young age of 5.  She performed in many school shows and received her first paid role at age 14 in “Florida’s Official State Play, Cross and Sword”.  After performing in various children’s theater productions, including “Jack and the Beanstalk”, and “Sleeping Beauty”, as well as Broadway musicals “42nd Street” and “The King and I”, Carrie decided to attend Florida School of the Arts. There, she would continue her studies of the performing arts. After receiving her Degree, she took on the featured role of Maleficent with Walt Disney World Resorts.  To date, some of Carrie’s strongest roles include:  Morticia Addams in “The Addams Family (Musical)” and nominated for best actress in a musical at IMCOM-Europe Tournament of Plays, Brook Ashton/Vicki in “Noises Off”, and Deirdre McDavey in “I Hate Hamlet” and  nominated for best supporting actress in a comedy at IMCOM-Europe Tournament of Plays.  Now moving into film and television, Carrie was featured in an action/thriller short film titled “Reborn Lost” playing the role of Nina, a mother/operative.  She has done some background work for television series including:  “Rizzoli and Isles”, “How to Get Away with Murder”, and “Lethal Weapon” giving her the experience of working for Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, and ABC.

Carrie’s training derived primarily from Florida School of the Arts.  There she took acting lessons, class voice, dance, improv, stage combat, dialects, stage movement, and make-up.  She also attended acting workshops by Jonathon Lamer, IMCOM-Europe Tournament of Plays adjudicator/Actor.  In addition, Carrie graduated from Barbizon Modeling School, Tampa, FL, where she learned photo movement and runway techniques.

Carrie expresses great interest in travel.  She lived abroad for 5 years in Wiesbaden, Germany, where she worked for the U.S. military. She traveled to Spain, Italy, France, Poland, Austria, and England.  Although not licensed anymore, Carrie is advanced in Massage Therapy including Swedish massage, Sports Massage, and Neuromuscular.  Carrie also expresses interest in Events.  Some of her successful events include:  “Hotel of Horror”, a haunted house production, director of 30 volunteers, 15 themes, and generated earnings of $5,000, “Masquerade of  Horror” a Halloween Ball Production, director of 30 volunteers, dance and drink specials, and decoration of ballroom, and “A Musical Theatre Happening”, a sweet sixteen birthday party, 40 guests, DJ, decorations, games and prizes.  Out of all of Carrie’s interests, her utmost passion is Acting, and doing so in a professional environment. She is very much looking forward to continuing her acting career with film and television.

Laura Quirk

Laura Quirk grew up in San Luis Obispo, California acting in community theatre productions and studying dance whenever possible. While a full time high school student, she began to commute to Los Angeles for acting and modeling work. She worked alongside director Marc Webb and Nickelodeon sitcom, Drake and Josh. She booked the lead in Gary Allen’s music video, Best I Ever Had (over 16 million views) and POD’s, Will You? (over 2 million hits) as well as many commercials and modeling jobs.

After graduating from Westmont College with a degree in English and minor in Dance and Theatre arts, Laura took brief break from acting to travel and teach English.

Since returning to pursue her first love, acting, Laura has worked on Unusually Thicke starring Alan Thicke, Removed Part Two, and booked the lead in two music videos for MAGIC! (26 million views and 8 million views). She has also booked nearly a dozen commercials.

Laura has trained with Deborah Lemen, Patrick Baca, Killian McHugh, and at groundlings with Samantha Roy and Arian Price.

Laura enjoys dance, yoga, hiking and time spent with her big family and friends. She lives with her husband who is a commercial fisherman and her golden retriever who she is currently trying to make “instafamous.”

Laura continues to study with Deborah Lemen and is currently writing and producing her own comedic shorts.

Elena Kornilova

Elena Kornilova is portraying Jenny in «The Red Velvet» short film that will be presented at the Cannes Film Festival this spring 2016. In Russia Elena had a chance to be a part of the famous “Comedy Club” TV series.

Elena studied different acting techniques at Los Angeles Performing Arts Conservatory and trained with such well-known acting coaches as Sean Barnes, Ilia Volok, Peter Frisch, Thom Rivera. Elena Kornilova has a journalism degree. She attended the writer’s workshop by Paul Brown.

Elena won several vocal competitions with original songs and the songs from the musicals.  One of her favorite is “Cabaret” by Liza Minnelli. Elena has a dance and modeling experience. She is also fluent in Russian, and speaks basic German and Spanish. She loves to travel and absorb new cultures.

Elena is looking forward to working on interesting projects where she can apply her personal work and skills.

Laura Quirk

Laura Quirk grew up in San Luis Obispo, California acting in community theatre productions and studying dance whenever possible. While a full time high school student, she began to commute to Los Angeles for acting and modeling work. She worked alongside director Marc Webb and Nickelodeon sitcom, Drake and Josh. She booked the lead in Gary Allen’s music video, Best I Ever Had (over 16 million views) and POD’s, Will You? (over 2 million hits) as well as many commercials and modeling jobs.

After graduating from Westmont College with a degree in English and minor in Dance and Theatre arts, Laura took brief break from acting to travel and teach English.

Since returning to pursue her first love, acting, Laura has worked on Unusually Thicke starring Alan Thicke, Removed Part Two, and booked the lead in two music videos for MAGIC! (26 million views and 8 million views). She has also booked nearly a dozen commercials.

Laura has trained with Deborah Lemen, Patrick Baca, Killian McHugh, and at groundlings with Samantha Roy and Arian Price.

Laura enjoys dance, yoga, hiking and time spent with her big family and friends. She lives with her husband who is a commercial fisherman and her golden retriever who she is currently trying to make “instafamous.”

Laura continues to study with Deborah Lemen and is currently writing and producing her own comedic shorts.

Sheila Samson

Sheila Samson is an american-filipino who grew up in Granada Hills, California involved in her high school sports teams, as well as competing for pageants.
Sheila graduated at Granada Hills Charter High School with honors and is continuing her studies at Moorpark College in Moorpark, California as a broadcast journalist major. Also involved in the sports program basketball, volleyball, and track & field.
Her experience began as a child where she commercialized for a Kids Smile Global. Throughout time she was competing in pageants such as the Miss Philippines USA 2015 pageant where she obtained many skills such as walking, talking, and confidence building. Recently, she walked in the Fashion Next Fashion Show in LA Fashion District for designers such as SF Couture, Las Vegas Couture, Paradise Ranch Designs, and Vero and Provato.
Inspired by her mom, former part-time model in the Philippines as a teen, Sheila hopes to maintain her goals to become a full time runway and print model. To stay fit and healthy, she enjoys and continues to play various and competitive sports. With many more skills to obtain, she looks forward to more projects such as print commercials and runways like Kendall Jenner!


Manika Beverly

Manika Beverly Mills (otherwise known as Nikki) is an American film and television actress, writer, and producer. Born in Nyack, Ny to Haitian American parents. Manika is the creator of That’s Just Nikki TV on YouTube. A channel that features short comedic content and sketches written and produced by the actress. Manika Beverly Mills has also appeared on Television networks Disney and CBS on shows like Hannah Montana, Good Luck Charlie, and CSI NY. One of her notable roles was in the Oscar winning film, The Social Network. Manika is greatly influenced by ALL things comedy. She grew up watching Martin Lawrence, In Living Color, SNL, and the Jamie Foxx Show. Manika at an early age developed a flair for performing. She grew up entertaining in church, school plays, and trained in summer theater camps. Her parents however amused, were very strict when it came to education. She attended Virginia Tech and majored in Electrical Engineering. Despite her vigorous course demands she managed to fit in theater and acting classes. She also performed in various theater productions such as Girl, in George C. Wolfe’s The Colored Museum, and as Martha, in Joe Turner’s Come and Gone.  Manika insisted on a life in the arts so she moved to Los Angeles to further her acting career. She has since trained in improv at Groundlings with Tony Sepulveda, studied acting at Margie Haber studios, and most recently studied at casting director Phaedra Harris’ The Audition Lab. She has since received her Electrical Engineering degree from California State University Northridge. Manika for fun enjoys playing tennis, watching re-runs of her favorite show Martin, and loves watching stand up comedy; especially Kevin Hart. Manika Beverly Mills is surely one of America’s rising stars and one to watch. Her talent and vision for success will inspire you, her wit will charm you, and her passion in life is to entertain you.

Michelle Winters

Michelle Winters is a SAG/AFTRA on-camera personality currently residing in LA. Originally from Wisconsin, she has that mid-western work ethic as well as a serious thing for cheese! She holds a BA in Theatre with a Film minor from Arizona State University and has taken comedy classes with The Upright Citizen’s Brigade, drama classes with Anne Bogart and the CITI Company from New York City, screen acting classes from The Phoenix Film Institute, and various commercial and scene study workshops throughout LA.

The show biz bug first caught Winters in 3rd grade when she was cast as Marta Von Trapp in a local community theatre’s production of The Sound of Music. From then on it was acting classes, dance classes, music lessons, and Audrey Hepburn films!

Lisa Alvillar

Lisa Alvillar has set her eyes on the big screen from a young age, and as she has grown her heart has filled with purpose being an actor. She is an actor working in the greater Los Angeles area, originally from Ontario, California. Most recently Lisa has appeared in two  Autozone commercials, a Six Flags Holiday in the Park commercial and has starred in a short film called “Pobre Inocente” as Lucia. She is currently training at UCB Comedy and has previously trained at The Second City Hollywood, and TVI actors studio. Lisa keeps strong from hiking, and training martial arts. Although she can easily be sweet and bubbly, a dream role for her would consist of being outlandishly horrifying,and crazy. In her eyes to be able to create a real presence that is not originally our own is an art. Lisa strongly believes in family, never giving up, and that anything a person puts their mind too is possible!

Denise Woelpern

I was born and raised in a small town in Northern Germany. I went to college in Hamburg, Germany and got my degree in Business Administration with a major in Finance. At the same time I worked for one of the biggest German companies, Lufthansa Technik. When I graduated college I got a job offer from the company’s local office in Sun Valley, CA. I moved to LA four years ago, in October 2010. I worked as a Sales Manager for a while until the company moved their office to Oklahoma. Faced with he decision to either go back to Germany or move to Oklahoma, I made the decision that it was time to pursue what I have always wanted to do, my biggest passion: Acting and Music.

I enrolled at UCLA Extension and completed their Music Business program to learn more about the music industry. At the same time I already started working on my single “My Goodbye” which I co-wrote with a French producer who was signed to Universal Music in France. The single got radio play in Germany, on a station called Radio Jade and got some radio play here in LA as well, I did an hour long radio interview for the Freddie Pee Ready Radio Show.

While working on my music, taking classes at UCLA, I also started taking acting classes again. I am a student of the Meisner Technique at the renown Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown studio, who coach stars such as Halle Berry.

Since my first audition, I have been cast in over 50 projects and my acting career keeps me immensely busy, sometimes going from project to project with only a few days break. I love acting, it is my biggest passion.

Even as a child of 6 years old, I knew I belong on stage. I created my own theatre shows at the age of 8, studied my favorite Brother Grimm fairy tale and memorized every single line from the movie and taught it to my neighbor kids. When we were ready, we sent out invitations and performed the play in front of all neighbors. Since I can think I’ve been involved in dance groups and theatre/musical productions.
So it came natural to me to go back to that since acting and music is in my nature.

In the US I was part of plays such as Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon” at Next Stage Theatre in Hollywood. The short “The Relay” in which I am paying the lead role of “Palmer”, has won “Best short” and I have won “Best Actress” in a film festival.
I have worked with big names such as Sean Patrick Flanery who is known for his work in Boondock Saints. I worked with him, playing his character’s girlfriend in the feature “The King’s Rook”. Moreover I worked on the new Fast & Furious 7.
I got a lead role in a new German TV show, called “Venice Beach”, which we shot in Venice Beach and Santa Monica. It was produced by filmpool, Germany’s biggest TV production company for the German network RTL, Europe’s second-largest TV, radio, and production company.

I’m currently working on 2 feature films in which I am playing the lead character. The first one is a suspense thriller, called “The Lone Road”, the other one is a medieval fantasy film based on the Red Riding Hood fairly tale. It is called “In The Woods”, in which I am portraying the character of Red Riding Hood.

Catalina Yue

Catalina is an actress, model , former Miss Universe Canada delegate and a singer and songwriter who has partnered up with United Nations (UNHCR) on her debut album. Catalina has appeared on international television channels, feature films, commercials, magazines, billboards, international newspapers and many other media outlets. Coming from a unique mixed Chinese-Japanese background, she has been dubbed as the first Canadian-Chinese pop singer to go mainstream. With a strong passion for working with people and for learning different languages, speaking English, French, Spanish, Cantonese and a little bit of German and Japanese, doors eventually opened up for her into the modeling and acting industry. She has travelled across the world throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. Catalina has worked with some of top names in both the music/film and fashion industries.

Born in the heart of downtown Toronto, Catalina grew up in North York and attended the University of Waterloo, majoring in Political Science in the Arts and Business Program. She began her music career, singing at the age of 3 in school and church choirs. She later took on private vocal lessons which lead into songwriting. Along with her musical abilities, Catalina has a strong background in martial arts, dance and gymnastics, which she also started at the age of 3. She has an advanced blue belt in karate, is trained with handling weapons such as swords, bow and arrow and her background in dance includes: street jazz, jazz, modern, tap, ballet and belly-dancing and even baton twirling. She brings both her dance and martial arts background along with her talent in flairs to create a unique and exciting type of experience to her performances.

Catalina album can be found in selected HMV stores across Canada, FYE Stores in US and Asia. Her music videos have played on multiple channels nation wide and her songs are readably downloadable on iTunes, Rhapsody and many others. The theme of her music is self-empowerment and love. Her album also sends out the message of believing in ourselves, pursuing our dreams while doing good by helping others. For each album purchased, a portion of the proceeds goes towards UNHCR to help protect the children and families who are refugees and victims of war. In more than five decades, UNHCR has helped an estimated 50 million people restart their lives. Her genre of the music is a mix of pop/hip hop/R&B/ballads/latin. A little something for everyone. Eternally is her first full-length solo album.

India Side

India Sides started performing on stage at the age of 6, as a dancer in Pacific Studio’s production of Alice in Wonderland. She continued to perform in the theater and then expanded to film and television.  She studies acting with Robert Arnold and has extensive training in ballet, tap, hip hop, jazz and theater dance. She also trains in martial arts and with martial arts weapons such as the bo staff, nunchucks and tonfas. Her recent projects include a Buzzfeed commercial for Clean and Clear and enjoyed working with Pharrell Williams on his newly released music video entitled “Freedom.” India enjoys spending time with her family in Los Angeles, California and wants to continue to pursue acting on the stage and screen.

Alyson Thornton

Alyson has worked with film directors Freedom Bridgewater as Katie in The Awakening, Hugh Phoenix Cross for multiple commercial for My Gym as well as Martin De Thurah in a commercial for SFR communications. She has worked on set with Director David Odio for the short film Lillith and multiple student short films. She has also worked with Marshelle Mills and Gary Fox in the Charles Stewart Playhouse in their Hard Candy Christmas productions. 

Alyson has attended In The Moment Acting Studio for the past 2 years and trains with Tommy Ybarra. 

Alyson is currently working on Feature Film Edith and Harvey with Director Allison Bergman and writers Sorel Kaire and Gabriela Lopez de Dennis. She is incredibly excited to work along side such wonderful and talented cast and crew.

Alyson is a level 2 gymnast and soon to be competitive in local meets. She enjoys Winter time and the multitude of sports available including snowboarding and snow skiing.  She has been active with winter sports since she was 3 and began to ski on her own.  Alyson loves animals and has an English Mastiff and a chinchilla as her pets.  She is currently studying Spanish as a second language.

Alyson cannot wait to appear on the red carpet and wear a custom designed Versace gown. To all of the incredible crew members that have taken her under their wing, thank you.

Rosette Laursen

Rosette was born in Hawaii and grew up doing classical ballet in California. She Attended various summer programs including the San Francisco Ballet School, Boston Ballet, American Ballet Theater, Complexions Contemporary Ballet, Northwest Dance Project, and the Netherlands Dance Theatre. After graduating with a BFA in dance, she began traveling for modeling, before finally signing with a dance agent and settling in Los Angeles. She soon realized acting, improv, and comedy writing are where her true interests lie, and has been pursuing that ever since. She has trained at UCB, Lesly Kahn, and Killian McHugh among others. Rosette also has written several spec scripts, sketch packets and pilots, and is on a indie improv team of UCB graduates called “Garage.” She also writes and creates her own content with her production group, Everything’s Taken Productions

Rosette Laursen

Rosette was born in Hawaii and grew up doing classical ballet in California. She Attended various summer programs including the San Francisco Ballet School, Boston Ballet, American Ballet Theater, Complexions Contemporary Ballet, Northwest Dance Project, and the Netherlands Dance Theatre. After graduating with a BFA in dance, she began traveling for modeling, before finally signing with a dance agent and settling in Los Angeles. She soon realized acting, improv, and comedy writing are where her true interests lie, and has been pursuing that ever since. She has trained at UCB, Lesly Kahn, and Killian McHugh among others. Rosette also has written several spec scripts, sketch packets and pilots, and is on a indie improv team of UCB graduates called “Garage.” She also writes and creates her own content with her production group, Everything’s Taken Productions