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Anna Berezovskiy

Host, star, lead, Anna has done it all. She was to host of the Ventura Charter School

Podcast for 3 years running which was broadcasted to the entire school. Anna starred as Mary in the independent film Vika created by Sibilino Productions. Upon completion of the film, she was asked to star in another production by the same director Andres Di Bono. Agreeing, she also starred in The Curse of Youtube as the voice-of-reason character Isabel. In addition to film and voice-over, Anna has done her series of plays throughout the course of her life. Most recently she played the role of Lysander in Shelly Balmer’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Anna began training theatrically at the young age of 5 when she began taking classes at the Rubicon Theatre Company. As she got older, she advanced to more complex classes and took Brian McDonald’s 6 week acting intensive where she learned more on perfecting a cold read by bringing out her character’s true intentions. Anna also took Vikki Goggin’s commercial acting class which aided her on knowing what components make an impact in the audition room. More recently, Anna participated in Monica Huntington’s cold reading, scene study, improv class. During it, Anna had to work under limited time conditions to produce the best possible result of a script.

Anna is currently getting features in independent films. Her most recent short is The Curse of Youtube by Andres Di Bono in which she plays the leading role of Isabel. She portrays the virtuous character in a vulnerable setting, creating many sides to her portrayal. In addition to this recent project, Anna consistently creates her own stories and brings them to life through making and editing videos. Through this routine, she is able to get instant results from her audience and better understand what the modern viewer wants from a character. Anna’s

best-suited character type is a young girl who always perseveres, from the happy-go-lucky teen who simply wants to pursue her dreams, to the revolutionary who doesn’t back down and fights for what is right in the world.

One of Anna’s greatest passions in life is music. She has taken consistent singing lessons from Laura Covault and in more recent years with the co-founder of the Ojai Youth Opera, Julija Zonic. To add, when Anna was 12 years old she was gifted a guitar from a family friend and has been playing since then. In more recent years, Anna has taken on piano and currently writes her own songs on either instrument. As a freshman, she had taken on speech and won the fourth round of the Lion’s Club Speech contest. Anna’s greatest specialty is in accents, she fluently speaks Russian and is in the midst of learning Japanese making her able to pick up on dialects rapidly. She can speak with the following accents, Southern, Australian, French, British, and Russian. Anna looks forward towards bringing characters to life in the next Sundance film or any production that follows a story which the world needs to see.

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